The upper panel is removed and the cable is inserted.

Noise from the environment surrounding the power supply becomes mixed with the signal, making it impure. The Audio Replas cable noise stabilizer is able to deal with all aspects of this environmental noise. An ideal sound is achieved by effectively removing only noise, and allowing the full transmission of the music signal through power supply cables, interconnect cables, digital cables and speaker cables. The true music signal, once hidden, is now faithfully revealed.
Since there is no degradation of the signal due to the insertion of any kind of filter, the ideal audio environment is achieved. The noise floor of all types of audio and video equipment is significantly reduced.

The CNS-7000SZ can be used:
Between digital cables.
Between line cables.
Between speaker cables.
Between power supply cables.
Maximum cable O.D. is 20mm

It used it the AC.

Main case material: Special High Purity Polymer Panel
material: Aircraft aluminum alloy
formation: machined to high tolerances on CNC
specification: Ultra SZ physical properties, processing & noise absorbent filling
size: 150mm ~ 55mm ~50mm (Not including the upper knurled thumbscrews)
cable insertion size: 20mm or less