MK2!New product. High sound quality audio grade Y terminal.

SPY-4RU-MK2 (4 pieces a couple)

SPY-4RU conventional ruthenium was further up the ranks of high-purity rutheniumadopted!
Contact noise is reduced to the limit, more astounding S / N achieved.

The latest material super-high-level platinum system adopted Lteniumuprating, and is efficient speaker Y terminal.
The adjustment of the metal is excellent, and the point of contact noise improves and the resolution, the overtone, and music improve to the limit rapidly by using ruthenium for the point of contact because it decreases.
The generation of the quantum noise that no adjustment of the metal seen mutually caused caused the distortion in music, and had brought a noisy, hysteric sound to a past point of contact.
Wonderful and rich music the sound not seen is achieved in other materials.
Construction in the base material with beginning cut down by using OFC (no oxygen copper).
There is no magnetic warp because of being all nonmagnetic materials.
Two point expression screw that can be easily and certainly fixed with hex-head wrench.
Musical organic, and rich artistry sound is reproduced by each part audio grade specification including ruthenium.

Material: High purity OFC(no oxygen copper)
Plating: High purity Ruthenium plating (main body of Y Rag)
Special physical properties processing: Ultra SZ
Opening size: 8.2mm
Installation maximum cable diameter: 5.5φ
Accessory: Heat shrink (red, blue, and 2 pieces for each) and amount of hex-head wrench for insulation: 4 pieces a couple

New product. High-end All Ruthenium-plating Speaker cable.

Using dedicated design special Ruthenium-plating single core high-purity copper wire. Realize the tremendous ultra low quantum noise.
Used with the ultra low dielectric insulation is high-quality French PTFE (Teflon). To Y Terminal special ruthenium coating, quantum noise, such as contact noise reduction.
Wire rod is ultimate ULTRA SZ processing, Y Terminal ULTRA SZ processing by molecular array linearity and enhance electronic flow stress.

On the output side contactless quantum noise filter, and then induced electromagnetic waves and high-frequency noise without trade-offs.

Outer mesh adopt compounding carbon dense mesh. High-quality finish.  
SP-REF-RU9000SZ 1.5m〜

Y-terminal :SPY-4RU
Wire rod:
・99.9999% super-high purity copper
・super-high purity Ruthenium plating.
Noise Filter:output side contactless quantum noise filter.
Physical properties processing: ULTRA SZ(ultra cry Ogier Knicks)
Coating material: teflon PTFE.
Manufacturing: Japan(Handomadoassembre)

New product. 【 high-end inter connection cable】 .
《 RCA pin cable 》 REF-RU9000SZ 1.0m
《 XLR balance cable 》 REF-RU9000SZ-BAL 1.0m
"Ruthenium" is adopted in the point of contact part of each part connector of RCA・XLR.
As for ruthenium, the metallic bond can be very excellent, and the quantum noise of the point of contact environment etc. transmit even a minute music signal to the limit in thoroughly and high accuracy because it decreases.
The expression to the art region became possible.
The highly accurate silver coating copper wire is adopted and the high accuracy of special design wire of three complete balance wick structure is adopted.
The high frequency and the electromagnetic radiation noise are inducing controlled to the hull, and the special alloy powder coating that achieves the decrease of the quantum noise is adopted.
A state-of-the-art technology including ultra SZ physical properties processing to make the flow of the electron smooth is included.
The sound of the enchantment to reach is achieved in the art that exceeds the current cable concept.

《REF-RU9000SZ(RCA・BAL) common specification》
Wire rod: High purity silver coating special copper wire × three wicks, high purity silver coating special copper wires, and shield coating insulating materials: Special Teflon
Noise measures: Special alloy powder filling
Coneutar: Ruthenium coating specification physical properties processing: Ultra SZ (wire rod, coating material, solder, and plug) solder: Special alloy solder manufacturing: Japan(Handomadoassembre)